It had been a decently average Friday afternoon and James had a welcome reprieve from quidditch practice. He was stretched out on his bed his forearms covering his eyes to block out excess sunlight. Lily was studying in the boys’ dormitory, sitting at the foot of his bed, her legs curled under her and her head bowed into a large textbook.

He had been rambling on about something or the other, most likely a quidditch move he was trying to perfect. She had only made soft noises of acknowledgement, a murmur of “uh huh” here and an impassive “that sounds brilliant” there. James knew that she wasn’t listening to a word he was saying but it didn’t matter. He continued on, not bothering to steer his one-sided conversation in any sort of direction and just saying whatever popped into mind.

Lowering his arms, he opened his eyes, squinting at the sunlight streaming in from the window. He turned his head to watch Lily study, her teeth biting down on her bottom lip in concentration and her eyes focused on the text. She was oblivious to both him and the world; her studious nature was endearing and James felt his lips curl up in a grin. He reached for his pillow and in a smooth, fluid motion tossed it at her head.

Lily didn’t see the pillow coming and she teetered backwards slightly as the flying object made contact with the side of her face. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of a laugh and kept her face low, knowing without looking at him that there’d be a smug smile plastered on his face and she would dissolve into giggles. Lily slammed her textbook shut and dropped it to the floor behind her before finally looking at him. Her lips were pressed into a firm line and her brows furrowed in a mock glare. James let out a loud laugh and she was gone, grinning right back at him before she too broke into peals of laughter.

“That’s not funny, James Potter!” she said, trying desperately to stop from laughing but his humor was so contagious she could not. She picked up the pillow from where it had fallen on the bed and chucked it back at his face. “I could’ve been in the middle of something really important!”

“But you weren’t,” he replied with a cheeky grin, catching the pillow easily as he sat up. “And come off it, Lily. It’s Friday! We’ve got the whole weekend for revision.” He inched closer to her, scooting his body forward on the bed until their knees were touching in the cross-legged position. He continued excitedly, throwing his arms in the air. “Why waste all this time with who got captured in the Goblin Rebellion by some bloke nobody cares about? We’re young, Evans! It’s our responsibility to live. Really, truly live!”

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” she warned him half-seriously but he only laughed. She held up a hand, marking off on each finger all the times he’d need to know exactly what happened in the Goblin Rebellion of 1612 but stopped after one, realizing her entire argument was pretty flat.

She scrunched up her nose, refusing to acknowledge he was right and James let out another laugh. Completely unplanned, the words slipped out of his mouth for the first time.

“I love you, Lily Evans.”


It was a beautiful day Saturday morning and Bella was not a happy woman. She had not gotten an ounce of sleep last night. To make matters worse, she hadn’t had chocolate all day. A Bella without chocolate was an angry Bella, and an angry Bella was an insane Bella.

"Well at least I have chocolate to look forward to," thought Bella gleefully. As Bella got out of bed, she heard a crunching sound.

"That’s weird,’ she thought, "It sounds as if someone is munching on some crackers."Slowly, she realized something- the only crackers in Malfoy Manor were her chocolate covered Godiva crackers. She sprung into action. Clad in only her skull covered nightgown, she grabbed her wand and sprinted toward the source of the sound- Voldy munching on her chocolate covered Godiva crackers.

"Voldy," said Bella in a sickly sweet tone.

"Yeah," said Voldy with his mouth full of crackers.

"Why are you eating MY crackers," asked Bella in the same sickly sweet tone.

"Damn," thought Voldy, "I forgot what she’s like when I accidentally eat he chocolate covered Godiva crackers."

"Sorry," said Voldy with a sheepish look on his face.

"Sorry isn’t enough this time," said Bella with a creepy smile on her face, "Petrificus Totalus, Muffliato." Voldy fell to the floor, stiff as a board and silenced. Bella then summoned some more chocolate crackers, sat on Voldy and turned on what she called the "tellymajig."


Bella’s nephew came in to inspect the scene. “Aunt Bella,” he said to his chocolate covered aunt.

"Yes Draco darling," said Bella with a huge chocolate grin on her face.

"Why are you," he started but once he saw that she was sitting on Voldy, he knew what happened.

"Mother," Draco called while running up the stairs,"Voldy ate Aunt Bella’s chocolate covered Godiva crackers again.

A second later, Bella’s sister Narcissa apparated into the room. Narcissa was greeted with the sight of her chocolate covered sister sitting on Voldy.

"Oh Voldy, will you ever learn," sighed Narcissa with a slight smile on her face. "Come on Bella, let’s get you cleaned up," she said while helping her sister to stand up. "Dobby, run a bath for Mistress Bella," ordered Narcissa.


slash - fiction: You Had Me At Hallo

On the whole the flat seems to be spacious, but run-down. The carpets are dusty, the furniture worn, and the ceiling plaster cracked. The windows in this room, at least, provide a lovely view of a brick wall, but they’re framed by neatly stitched little curtains. James has obviously done a bit…

Harry/Hermione fanfic. 
 Set in Deathly Hallows. When Ron left, Harry and Hermione had to fight for themselves. That led to a battle for their love and their life. Oneshot.

I wrote it..


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When his eyes catch yours from across the room, you can’t deny what you’re feeling. It’s like a bolt of electricity jolting through your stomach. Oneshot. Complete.

Pairing: Neville/Victoire

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The Red and the Black

Lily is horrified to meet the Head Boy to her Head Girl. There’s no doubt her final year at Hogwarts will be completely ruined. What will it take to break her pride and convince her that perhaps she’s the one who’s been mistaken these last seven years?

9 chapters. WIP.

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He wished he knew how to contact Harry and beg him to stay with him. But he didn’t know where Harry lived. So he’d gone to the house on St. Wenceslaus’s Street. If he couldn’t be with Harry, he could at least sleep in their bed.

He’d just reached the top of the stairs when he heard Harry’s voice.

“C’mere,” Harry said.

“You look prettier than ever,” Harry said.

“Take off your knickers,” Harry said.

Time stopped. Draco’s breathing stopped. His heart stopped.

He only remembers scraps of what happened next. The Weaselette’s ginger hair and pink bra. Harry moving under the bedclothes. Their giggles and sighs and eventually Harry’s groan.

Draco has no idea how long he stood there. Long enough for darkness to fall and the Weaselette to go asleep. Harry had got up to find his jeans and t-shirt when their eyes locked.

Blueprints for a Dream by frayach [x]

An Unlikely Pair

A Dramione fanfic. 20 chapters. Completed. Excellent Writing.

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Nineteen Reasons

At King’s Cross, 19 years after Voldemort’s death, Draco Malfoy nodded curtly at Harry Potter. Contrary to popular belief, the nod wasn’t the result of a sense of obligatory politeness—there were 19 reasons for that nod.

(Draco & Harry)


When all is lost, we are willing to do whatever it takes to survive.

(Draco & Hermione)