Bellatrix and Voldemort | Request by: sirlestrange.


It was a beautiful day Saturday morning and Bella was not a happy woman. She had not gotten an ounce of sleep last night. To make matters worse, she hadn’t had chocolate all day. A Bella without chocolate was an angry Bella, and an angry Bella was an insane Bella.

"Well at least I have chocolate to look forward to," thought Bella gleefully. As Bella got out of bed, she heard a crunching sound.

"That’s weird,’ she thought, "It sounds as if someone is munching on some crackers."Slowly, she realized something- the only crackers in Malfoy Manor were her chocolate covered Godiva crackers. She sprung into action. Clad in only her skull covered nightgown, she grabbed her wand and sprinted toward the source of the sound- Voldy munching on her chocolate covered Godiva crackers.

"Voldy," said Bella in a sickly sweet tone.

"Yeah," said Voldy with his mouth full of crackers.

"Why are you eating MY crackers," asked Bella in the same sickly sweet tone.

"Damn," thought Voldy, "I forgot what she’s like when I accidentally eat he chocolate covered Godiva crackers."

"Sorry," said Voldy with a sheepish look on his face.

"Sorry isn’t enough this time," said Bella with a creepy smile on her face, "Petrificus Totalus, Muffliato." Voldy fell to the floor, stiff as a board and silenced. Bella then summoned some more chocolate crackers, sat on Voldy and turned on what she called the "tellymajig."


Bella’s nephew came in to inspect the scene. “Aunt Bella,” he said to his chocolate covered aunt.

"Yes Draco darling," said Bella with a huge chocolate grin on her face.

"Why are you," he started but once he saw that she was sitting on Voldy, he knew what happened.

"Mother," Draco called while running up the stairs,"Voldy ate Aunt Bella’s chocolate covered Godiva crackers again.

A second later, Bella’s sister Narcissa apparated into the room. Narcissa was greeted with the sight of her chocolate covered sister sitting on Voldy.

"Oh Voldy, will you ever learn," sighed Narcissa with a slight smile on her face. "Come on Bella, let’s get you cleaned up," she said while helping her sister to stand up. "Dobby, run a bath for Mistress Bella," ordered Narcissa.